Waking up to life.

Walking on the earth.

I feel my feet touch the ground.

I feel my heart lift up towards the heavens.

I connect with a sense of Oneness, a sense of awe.

I feel the depths of Universal Connectedness, as well as fringes of separation.

It is the separation from Old Self that I sense, my old way of being.

A shedding of the old ways occurred when I wasn’t looking.

When did this happen?

It arrived like a thief in the night.

Taking away parts that no longer serve me.

Parts that I do not need.

Parts that do not belong to me.

Manacles, shackles, imposed conceptions fall away.

They continue to drop as I walk.

I no longer need these impingements, these limitations.

As I walk, I feel alien.

My eyes are open, yet I see differently.

The grass is greener.

The sky is bluer,

My heart is light.

My heart is open.

My heart is expanding.

Gravity is leaving.

I sense flight.

I am learning to soar.

I am a wing, a feather, a butterfly.

I am freedom.

I am wise.

I connect deeply with All That Is.

I am unencumbered.

I am transforming.

Embracing a quickening of the heart.

Embracing a new life.

Embracing my life mission to love, serve and inspire.

I lay at the feet of the altar, grateful beyond expression.

Grateful to be on The Path.

Grateful to walk the walk.

Grateful to be in the moment.

Grateful to consciously embrace The Now.

Walking on the New Earth.

Shanti, shanti, shanti.

Peace, peace, blessed peace.