Advanced Reiki Training (ART) / Master

This two day certified class is for individuals who are ready to amplify and expand upon their Reiki gifts. In this class, you will learn and receive the Usui Master Reiki symbol. You will enjoy a more intimate and powerful relationship with channeling and delivering Reiki Energy Healing, and the effectiveness of your Reiki 2 symbols will increase.

Included is this class are advanced meditation techniques that strengthen the mind and expand consciousness. You will be introduced to crystal and stone use during Reiki sessions, and you will learn how to make a Reiki grid. Advanced Japanese techniques will be learned to remove negative psychic energy, and you will be taught how to use a Universal empowerment symbol that has been used in Tibet and China for thousands of years. You will be guided in a meditation that introduces you to your Reiki guides.

ART is an intermediate step to Master/Teacher. Since you are a Reiki Master after this class, you are qualified to give attunements. An opportunity exists to learn how to perform a Reiki 1 Level attunement (for an additional fee). This does not qualify you to teach. It is offered so you will have the ability to attune those in critical need to the healing powers of Reiki.

This is an energetic contract between you, the Reiki Guides and the Universe. Should you choose to receive the attunement knowledge, the paid amount will be credited towards your Teacher Level class, since this information is included in the curriculum.

Class Cost: $300 16 hours

Usui Reiki 1 Attunement: $50 credited if continue on to Teacher level

River of Light Reiki students pay repeat the class for $50

NOTE: Teacher level is offered after this class. We will meet once a month for 4 months. If more time is needed, class will be extended. Cost: $600.

Register 2 weeks in advance to energetically hold your space.