Tomorrow beginning at 1:27 PM the total eclipse of the sun begins in New Hampshire. It peaks at 2:44 PM and ends at 3:57 PM. The New Moon (which is more potent than a full moon) passes between the earth and sun to cause the eclipse. On top of this, Mercury retrograde began on August 12, and this weekend is the 30th anniversary of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. Think of this eclipse as a energy portal!

Because of these powerful energies, it is a perfect time to manifest. It is very important to keep your thoughts positive and meditate/pray on all the beneficial aspects you wish to attract into your life. Everyone in the United States will be affected by this eclipse. With an open heart and open mind, you will be encoded and “bumped up” energetically as your consciousness expands to co-create the life that you are meant to live in this lifetime.

A new moon represents a fresh start. Setting goals during a new moon solar eclipse is more potent than a new moon alone. It is said that the manifestation period lasts longer. So keep this in mind as you contemplate what you wish to attract. Take advantage of this total solar eclipse of the sun! As you reflect, meditate and pray during this 2.5 hour period, remember that you are collectively connecting with all the other beautiful people who are also doing this across our nation. When we participate in groups, this amplifies our collective power all the more!

So manifest away and create a beautiful new world, adding a special request for global peace and goodwill to all.

Enjoy the Pink Floyd song, Eclipse:

Love and Light,

PS. If you are wondering what I’ll be doing during the solar eclipse, I will be on a NH mountain top!