Hello ,

I think all you lovely clients and students often. You have provided me with many rich gifts and I look forward to providing consistent offerings in the near future. I want to share what I have been doing since I was last active in my healing and coaching practice.

Where to begin…

In the fall of 2017, I radically changed my life. I embarked on a journey of strength. I embarked on a life alone, saying goodbye to a marriage that carried more pain than joy. Four days after taking this very brave step, my mother suffered a devastating medical event. Her cancer from 35 years ago had silently returned. She was hospitalized for one month. As an only child with no extended family, my life went into hyper-drive.

The next 18 months involved local cancer treatments and bi-monthly trips to Mass General Hospital. My father who was legally blind and had the beginnings of dementia needed personal care with close supervision. I spent the year going back-and-forth between my home and theirs to help them with daily living and medical needs.

In the fall of 2018, mom had a second medical event which hospitalized her for another month. I once again moved into my childhood home to take care of my father while she regained her strength. During this stay, it was obvious my father was affected by more than dementia. After mom returned home, I pursued testing for dad and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2019, both mom and dad where placed on hospice. I was exhausted from this continuous back-and-forth lifestyle of taking care of my parent’s single handedly while trying to figure out how to run a household alone.

That spring, I stumbled upon a sacred trip to Peru that had a hummingbird theme – hummingbird is one of my totems. I felt guided to take this trip and signed up. I was exhausted on every level and needed energetic restoration. When saying goodbye to my father, I had a feeling I may not see him again. I did not.

Below is a recount of what lead me to Peru and how it was a “premonition” on many levels…

In 2011, I participated in a “bi-location” meditation. This is when you meditate on a location and include a time in history. I chose Lake Titicaca which held a fascination for me. In this meditation, I had a deep personalized experience. I felt like I received an energetic activation (a “bump up” is an easy way to describe this). In my mind’s eye, I saw tall white cliffs behind me while sitting at the edge of the lake. I was very aware of the stars and cosmos though it was daytime. Prior to this experience, I had no awareness that Lake Titicaca was a potent energetic location on earth.

On the very last day of the trip, the bus pulled up to the last Inca sacred sight we would see. It was football field in length with carved “stadium seating” rows with a circular alter in the middle. I looked towards the lake and saw the exact same white cliffs I had seen in my bi-location experience. Instead of joining the group, I walked over to the sandy beach and sat with the cliffs behind me to meditate and commune with the land.

As soon as I sat down, a rare cell phone call came through. It was my parent’s neighbor telling me my dad was in the hospital. The doctor said my dad only had weeks to live, if not days. Then the call dropped. I was in shock. We were flying home the next day.

I sat on the shore for as long as I could. When the group was returning to the bus, I received an unexpected “gift of time”. This bus was stuck in the beach sand! This allowed me time to walk to the Inca sight and have my alone time there. When I returned to the bus I called the trip leaders over to tell them about the phone call and the burden I was carrying. One leader said to me, “Diane, do you know what the name of this site is? It is the Stairway to Heaven!” I was stunned. And not surprised. Prophecy stepped forward in that moment in time.

The trip leaders helped me to show dad to the Rainbow Bridge, a bridge that helps souls pass over. We made the presentation to my dad so he could take it if he was ready. He passed that night at 3:30AM. I started my long journey home that morning.

Dad was buried in fall of 2019. Mom began her journey living alone.

Continuing with my personal story…

In 2020, Covid arrived. Mom was declining and isolated. In the fall, I moved her into my home. I continued to live the back-and-forth lifestyle for one more year so she could continue to enjoy her home. It was “a lot’ for me to do. I would pack up food and my 18 year old Siamese cat, Jenna, and we would stay for two to three nights. A fun fact: Jenna is still with me and is 20 1/2 years old!

In the fall of 2021, I sold the home that dad built. We moved into it when I was 18 months old. Emptying mom’s house was an intimate and sacred experience. I am happy we shared this process together.

Mom and I continue to live together. She is still on hospice (4 years now) and is doing remarkable well. She shows me how to live with grace. She never places demands on me.

I have a daily choice to either sink in despair or to find the gifts among the challenges. I consciously choose to see this time in my life as a “gift of time”. I am using this time to creatively to revamp and expand my healing practice.

In addition to energy healing, I now offer an impactful and life-changing coaching program that builds “mental fitness” for positive change. It creates a solid foundation to strengthen one’s relationships, well-being and performance. I am eager to share this new offering with you and will send out a newsletter soon. A 10-week program will be launched in early October.

I am also working towards certification as an end-of-life doula. My interest in this is to help families and caregivers to navigate end-of-life for their loved ones in a sacred and dignified way. I am trained in helping with advanced directives, wills and trusts, as well as legacy projects and more. It’s big discussion.

My life experiences are rich and I have many ways to help people. My goal is to serve and help the world by creating a safe space for like-minded community where we can grow and support each other in conscious creation.

I invite you to contact me directly with ideas on how I can support you. Please share what topics of interest you have.

I send you big love and healing – sprinkled with lots of joyRSD!