Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions

Theresa - Brentwood, NH

I can confidently say my sessions with Diane are truly transformative. As an intuitive myself it is so nice to be on the same wavelength throughout my sessions, and to receive the confirmation and validity she is able to offer to me. Diane is very compassionate and understanding in her delivery and leaves judgement out of it. She has a very nurturing way about her and makes you feel safe opening up. I am so grateful our paths crossed. I am blessed to have been a client and recipient of her coaching, healing and guidance. Thank you for all you do, Diane!

Beth - Portsmouth, NH

I treasure my sessions with Diane. When I’m stuck creatively, emotionally, spiritually, I can see Diane and get back on my path in energetic flow and expansion. She is very caring and client-focused, and provides a lot of attention to be sure to bring me the exact messages, insights and energetic boost I need. Her sessions are very efficient and effective. Its amazing what we can cover and shift in one session! Her follow-up notes allow me to gain even fuller insight afterwards. I highly recommend Diane’s coaching and healing work!

Allison - Barcelona, Spain

Diane is a very skilled and insightful healer. She is able to access the angelic and higher spiritual realms to provide a deep and transformational healing experience. She has a gentle nature and a big heart that makes you feel so supported during your healing journey. She provided very useful feedback during our session that has allowed me to feel like I am on the right path and that healing on many levels is possible. She shared the most beautiful channeled message during our session that let me know that everything is going to be ok. I highly recommend her healing services.

Lynne - Nottingham, NH

I reached out to Diane seeking an ‘energy shift’ following a series of life events. We scheduled a series of three sessions. Diane was instrumental in guiding me through the process of unlocking my own tool box. Through her coaching and guidance I was able to create some space in my life to allow this transition to happen.  Her healing sessions provide a sense of calm and connectedness that has continued beyond our time together. Scheduling consecutive sessions provided the framework I needed to implement her suggested strategies, which resulted in positive changes.

Anthony - Long Island, NY

Diane’s intuitive coaching and healing support has changed my life for the better. I remember having my first healing session with Diane over two years ago, and now I am looking back realizing how far I’ve come. I have learned to become more self-aware, which has really improved my daily life. I used to worry about anything and everything back when I first started on this journey, but her coaching has helped me come a long way.

I highly recommend purchasing the session write up and recording to get the most out of your appointment. These notes are a great tool for you to look back on for continued self-improvement. Finally, I will add that Diane’s distant healing abilities are amazing. I have received healing from her in person, and distant healing works just as well!

Diane is incredibly kind and supportive, and I am very thankful that we connected!

Cynthia - Durham, NH

“I was very sick with the flu; every joint in my body ached and no medicine was helping. Diane kindly offered me distance Reiki healing. As I lay in bed, my pain decreased and I felt my symptoms change. It was almost magical how differently I felt after Diane performed the healing. I would recommend Diane as a healer anytime; she is very attentive to detail and offers a calming presence.”

Susan - Epsom, NH

“I have had the pleasure of receiving 3 wonderful healing energy treatments with Diane in person as well as one distance healing session.  Though I was open to the idea, I wondered if the experience would be as powerful as a face-to-face session. I am delighted to say that it truly was.  I experienced total relaxation, a feeling of being in tune with my body, and a calmness and sense of well-being that lasted for weeks.  The follow-up phone call discussing the session was very helpful – with Diane providing guidelines for continued spiritual and physical health. I would highly recommend this to anyone who finds it difficult to schedule a visit.”

K. - Durham, NH

“My teenage child began seeing Diane about a year ago to alleviate side effects from an autoimmune disorder.  Under Diane’s professional, compassionate Reiki treatments, my child reports a notable reduction in stress levels and an overall feeling of balance and peace.  When my child was unable to visit Diane in person, her distance treatment offered a wonderful, effective alternative. Diane’s insightful advice and post-session follow-ups complement the sessions and are an important part of the healing process.  We are so grateful to have found Diane!”

C.P. - Durham, NH

“I really don’t know how to put into words all that I benefit from our energy healing sessions.  But I can say that I always come away refreshed and with renewed hope that my body and spirit are healing together.  Your gentle touch and loving heart open pathways to health on many levels which I don’t always understand but which I know are making positive changes.  And our post session discussions open up more channels for consideration because they tell me that you are working hard to support me as a total person, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Thank you.”

Cheryl - Dover, NH

“I have never felt the energy like I did today in any of the other energy work I have had done in the past. WOW!”

Larry V. - Durham, NH

“Diane is delightful, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. Her ability as a Reiki Master is unbelievable. I’ve had many energy clearing sessions over the last 12 months and I’ve gained both personal awareness, insightfulness and healing each time. I am grateful for having crossed paths with her during my personal journey.”

Bill - Newmarket, NH

My Reiki energy healing experience with Diane was an amazing event. I felt a lot of past and present emotional pain and memories release from me physically, psychologically and spiritually. I felt at peace and filled with harmony on a level I have never known before. Diane helped me open up to my life and to who I really am. She is a very kind, warm person who has great healing abilities. I am a much happier person since I received a treatment from Diane.

Heather – Durham, NH

Diane is a kind and gentle soul who utilizes the life force energy for healing through her Reiki treatments. I had the unbelievable experience of feeling “phantom hands” on the tops of my feet during my first session. This sensation was so profound that I researched this phenomenon to comprehend what I had felt. In another session, I had the comfort of continuously warm tingling sensations running up and down my spine that left me feeling calm, rested and relaxed when we finished. I absolutely believe I received healing energies through Diane that flowed into me where I needed it the most. She has a spiritual gift to share as both a healer and teacher.

Emma - Newmarket, NH

“The treatment was amazing and has helped me quite a bit. I have been much gentler with myself and, as we talked about, I have been able to more easily honor the space I need instead of trying to hold on so tight.  I have been practicing Reiki every day and it gives me a sense of calm and centeredness. I am ready for my next session!”

Diane - Lee, NH

“My Reiki experience with Diane was very positive, even magical. As a newcomer to Reiki, I was not sure what to expect and Diane put me completely at ease.” 


“After the short healing last week, the blockage I’ve had for a long time in one ear seems to have gone.  And my sinus congestion seems to be less overall.  I hadn’t even considered beforehand that this could be an outcome of a Reiki treatment.  It certainly is a wonderful surprise! Based on this, I will relate my experience to my friends.”

C. - NH Seacoast

Hi Diane,

I saw this and I immediately thought of you. “She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.”

You are one of the calmest, centered, caring person I have had the pleasure to have met. I think of you often and will be back for more Reiki treatments soon.”

Maureen - Durham NH

“We just arrived home this minute and the distance Reiki sure worked…..they checked me out this morning, said everything was healing beautifully, the skin was in amazing condition… have great practitioners if they can make me look great. I have a number of hematological problems which are not amenable to fast healing or mending so I was surprised for a moment….then thought, of course it’s Reiki and your gift to me.  Thank you so very much!”

Anthony - Miller Place, NY

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s healing session. I really did not know what to expect and was a bit skeptical at first but I’m so glad I did it. It was truly an amazing experience that really helped my anxiety more than anything has before. You are such a kind woman and I’m so glad I got to meet you!

Throughout the day I kept going back to that “happy” place and felt at peace with myself. Things that would normally cause me to have anxiety did not. I hope to continue this by meditating each day for five minutes. I’m very interested in Reiki now and would love to take a Reiki Level 1 class from you when I come back to New Hampshire! I’m also very interested in your distance healing so I will take a look into that as well.

Reiki Classes

Deborah - Anchorage, Alaska

“From Diane’s calm, inspiring and inviting personality, to her beautiful, light filled, lovely home, to the curriculum selected for the Reiki training, Diane created a safe, meditative retreat for our group to learn.

I traveled from Anchorage, Alaska to attend Diane’s Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki training. Of all the instructors and websites I viewed, there was a spirit of warmth and the divine that seemed to pull me from across the United States to choose her training above all others. It was the perfect choice for me. I not only learned the history of Reiki, but I found a deep, abiding respect for Usui Sensei from Diane…one that I believe will be with me for the rest of my life. The training, the materials, the hands-on experiences and the meditative, guided sessions all wove together to create a perfect moment in time. Diane was an engaging and knowledgeable Reiki Master.

Her home is literally a spiritual oasis, filled with windows that open to a beautiful nature vista of river, birds, squirrels and even an occasional wild turkey or two or three! I feel fortunate to have met Diane and grateful to have gained my first entry into Reiki through her wisdom and guidance. Five stars everything!”

Darrell - Portsmouth NH

“My Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Level 2 class was an incredible uplifting experience. What I value greatly is the way Diane connects directly with each member of the class and can inspire deep reflection of the moments as they are happening.  For me, this personal connection enriched the day as the day unfolded and left me with a smiling memory. I feel grateful that my path has crossed with Diane  and look forward to more of her healing energy as I continue on my journey.”

Drew - Dover, NH

“I can’t even express how grateful I am to have you as my Reiki teacher, you are so amazing, with your gentle loving and purposeful way you teach, I am so glad I took this course with you. I am going to pursue this and I had such a wonderful time with you. The experience will always be with me and I look forward to seeing you again. With sincere gratitude, much love and respect.” (Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 Class)

Meegan - Portsmouth, NH

“I wanted to thank you again for an amazing day yesterday! Your home is such a special place. I am still processing it all. My mind is a bit blown. I didn’t know what to expect and let’s just say I think I am hooked! I can’t ignore what I felt and experienced in the Reiki class yesterday (Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level 1 Class). You have such a gentle yet powerful presence about you. I am so honored that I get to be your student. I feel I have so much to learn from you. Thank you again, so grateful.”

Susan - Rye, NH

“It was such a pleasure to take another Reiki class from you, and I’m excited to try out the power of the three new symbols.
Thanks to all three of you: I have to tell you that my allergies are gone and the vertigo that I’ve been suffering from for months also seems to have disappeared. Your energy is truly amazing. I never expected these results and am so grateful!”

Carol - Dover, NH

“Diane’s depth of knowledge of Reiki and energy healing along with her gentleness and grace were the perfect combination for me in choosing a Reiki instructor. I completed the first training this past weekend which was an incredible experience.”  Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Level 1

Anthony - Miller Place, NY

“I can’t thank you enough for the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki III Level 1 class today. It was truly an enlightening experience. I really feel like I’m on the right path with my life now and I can’t wait to continue practicing Reiki and becoming more of my ‘Authentic Self.’ I can’t stop thinking of how intense that ‘feeling’ was when I received the Holy Fire Reiki. Thank you so much for directing me to this gift and sharing your knowledge!”

Maryn Ashby - Fremont, NH

“I have taken three classes with Diane as my teacher. The most recent class was Usui/Holy Fire lll Reiki Level 2. Diane has a way of delivering the material needed with such ease and grace. You have no other choice but to feel absolute JOY when you are around her. The atmosphere is wonderful. She is very thorough with her teachings and she goes the distance it takes to make sure you are going home with the right tools and the confidence to move forward in your journey. I strongly recommend Diane. You will not be disappointed but instead, empowered and enlightened.”

Elyse - Lee, NH

“I had a wonderful experience taking the Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level I with Diane. Her presence while teaching was very informed and supportive. She brings her years of experience and study to help set a strong foundation, but then is also encouraging of each student’s individual experience and interpretation. What resonated with me most was her insistence on trust… trust the energy, trust the process, trust your intuition. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to deepen their connection with source energy!”

Tuesday - North Hampton, NH

“Diane is such a wealth of knowledge and beautiful energy. I just finished my Shinpiden Reiki Level III Master/Teacher training with her and feel so blessed to have made that journey with her. I highly recommend her for healing and training.”

Laura - Dover, NH

“I found Diane’s Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Level I training to be just what I needed on my healing path. I received a lot of synchronous information / messages within the course–I would describe Diane’s presence as being really ‘in the flow’. I had taken other Reiki courses prior and I found that Diane’s way of teaching served to help connect and streamline information on Reiki practices / techniques, as it can feel a little overwhelming to a beginner like myself. I’ve found the Holy Fire energy to be particularly powerful and the Holy Fire placement (attunement) has really helped me focus my energy, more easily releasing what is not aligned with my Highest Good. I feel a greater sense of clarity and confidence. For the first time, I can feel the Reiki energy when I am practicing on myself and my family members. I am so grateful for this gift. Thank you, Diane, for sharing your wisdom and guidance!”

Linda - Newport, NH

“Diane is an inspiration! The three days of Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master Training were profound. Her kind and gentle soul shined through as she shared this beautiful energy. She was professional and answered all of our questions completely. Even since class I have had several questions with incorporating the Holy Fire with my current classes and she has been more than kind and helpful. I truly recommend Diane for her teaching style and kind spirit.”

Marcia - Rye, NH

“Thank you so much for the Reiki 1 Shoden certification class. How amazing that in one day everything begins to make sense. This is a path that I have been wandering on my whole life.  There is great peace in knowing that it is where I am suppose to be, and more importantly that I am not alone. I believe more will be revealed in time. Thank you for this amazing gift.”

Amy Woodstock - Brooklyn, NY

“Diane was such a positive light in delivering the Shoden Reiki 1 training on Star Island, Isles of Shoals, NH. If given the opportunity, I would definitely pursue more study with her.”

NYW - Massachusetts

“I took the Shoden Reiki 1 class on Star Island not knowing what Reiki is or how it is practiced. I wanted to see for myself if it “works.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that the energy channeled was very positive and supportive of my personal goals for growth. Diane has a calm teaching style that is open to suggestions. She’s inspiring and her passion about Reiki is contagious.”

David W. - Needham, MA

“Diane teaches a dynamic Shoden Reiki 1 class. She is knowledgeable and instructs in a very comfortable and effective manner. She breaks the class up into small manageable sections so that it always keeps you interested and engaged. She is very affirming and positive in both class and the ‘hands on’ exercises. She incorporates humor which keeps the class from becoming too ‘heavy.'”

Carla - Rye, NH

Japanese Shoden Reiki 1 student

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. It was an honor to spend two days at your beautiful home in your beautiful energy. I look forward to next time.

In gratitude,

Kaci L. West - Somersworth, NH

“Since the Reiki 1 class, I’ve continued to release (cleansing process) over the last couple days. It feels great to be purging these emotions I may or may not have known I even had! I wanted to also let you know after I feel my cleansing process is done, I’d love to get into Reiki 2 class, or even attend some of your Reiki Circles really soon!

This has been a life changing experience for me. I’m on day 3 of my 21 days (Reiki self-treatment); I say 21 days, but I will do this daily for life in one way or another. I feel SO in control of my mind and body through this, and I can not state enough how important this is for me, as I have felt so out of control and “lost” recently. I feel as though I have found my niche, one of my callings in life, a passion for sure, and I want to expand immensely with this.”

Kathy - Bedford, NH

“I attended Diane’s Japanese Shoden Reiki class.  This was the second time I took Reiki 1, but the first with Diane.  I was looking for a deeper connection with Reiki, as well as ample class time focused on demonstrating and performing Reiki techniques.  The day was very personal, and included a history lesson, attunements, experience sharing, and the focus on techniques I had been looking for.

To help deepen the experience, Diane was also able to overlap her knowledge of Reiki with wisdom of other related areas.  There is still one more day of technique review coming, and then I look forward to taking Reiki 2 with her.  She is a very patient and knowledgable person, and her teaching style and the information passed along has truly helped me to be more deeply connected. “

Susan - Epsom, NH

“I am in love with Reiki. I am grateful for every minute that I can do Reiki – and I find that I am doing it to plants, all animals, food, tea, my car, the drive in to work, the roads, other drivers, etc. etc. etc.!  And now friends are willing to receive!  It is a true blessing.

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and for all of your gifts.”

Brenda Bouchard - Madbury, NH

“Just wanted to say thank you, Diane, for the great Reiki education! It was a wonderful two days! I am so appreciative to have had that second day with all of you! I learned so much and am off and running, taking my first baby steps with Reiki!”

Diane - Lee, NH

“Thank you again for a beautiful fulfilling Reiki day. I loved the way the day had a lovely flow to it, as you wove the instruction in and out with different formats, exercises, and meditative moments. A wonderful mix of connectedness and individual reflection, as well as receiving instruction from you and giving and sharing our own experiences. You have such a beautiful sense of presence and intent, Diane. I also love the way nature permeates your living space (and hence the space in which you conduct your workshop)….both inside and out. When I am in your home, it actually feels as though the outside is inside….there is so much of a nature presence. The sense of being enveloped by nature is a healing experience in itself, and I love the way you’ve invited it into your home where it surrounds us as we do the healing work. It certainly adds its own life-promoting energy.”

John Cole - Dover, NH

“Since taking Diane’s Level I Reiki class I’m finding I have much more clarity in my life and I’m able to make decisions from a calmer and stronger place. Reiki is such a wonderful tool and I am very grateful to have learned from someone who is so passionate about it. If you’re thinking about taking a class or getting a treatment do it!”    

Andrea Germer - Dover, NH

“Thank you so much Diane. You are an amazing teacher. I hope that I can follow in your footsteps! You’re so awesome, still giving us information after the class is over. Having all this information and sharing your experiences really gives us an important step toward having our own Reiki practice. There are a few things that you brought up that I never would have even thought of. You are a huge resource! I am thrilled that I found you! Thank you so much for everything.”

Julie Hanson - Dover, NH

“So much gratitude pours out to all of you for the time spent together in the Reiki energy. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to begin the Reiki healing journey with Lyn and Diane R. Diane Marie, thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of Reiki with us. The gathering of this group of people was perfectly aligned and I feel so honored to be a part of it. Namaste.”

Meggen Wright - Greenland, NH

“I chose Diane as my teacher above all other teachers in the area that I had met because I really felt a connection with her passion for this practice. The classes are highly organized very well thought out and full of support both during and well after the program is over.  I’m very thankful I chose her and I would recommend her classes to anybody I know who would be interested in learning about Reiki.”

Lisbie - Ontario, Canada

“I really enjoyed your company in the room and in the Reiki Master class.  You’re one of the clearest people I know and I can just imagine the healing, healthy community of people – clients and family – you are creating around you at home.”

Melchizedek Method Classes

Wendy - Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I recently engaged in the Melchizedek Method Levels I & II class facilitated by Diane Marie. This was a life altering experience that has both accelerated and enhanced my spiritual development and practice. Diane transformed difficult esoteric teachings into clear concise material that was easily accessible to everyone in the class. I appreciate the time for personal reflection after each mediation as well as additional documents and resources she provided to further our study.  Diane is a wonderful teacher with integrity and the ability to impart knowledge and truth through a spiritual and scientific lens.

Maryn Lyn Ashby - Fremont, NH

“Who would have known that by picking up a beautiful green business card one day that I would be on the first stepping stones of a life changing journey with the wonderful Diane Marie Gallant. It is truly an honor to write a testimonial for her. Both outside and inside she is spectacular! From the minute I drove out to Dover to meet her for the first time, and up until our last day in class, I felt a complete sense of belonging and comfortability with her. Diane has a way of presenting that is truly captivating. I feel confident in Diane, and she is always open to any questions that you may have throughout her class which is a PLUS! This was my very first class with her, and in this energy healing field in general. It was such an ‘Enlightening Retreat’ as I like to call it! I am so happy with everything from begging to end, In fact, I am already taking my next class with her this weekend! In ending, I strongly encourage you or anyone you love to take a class with her soon! You will be amazed!”

Stuart - Derry, NH

“I have been seeking a source of true connection to both my higher self and the higher energies. It has been a life-long yearning and journey for me. I tried many approaches, methods, and modalities and ended up with “that was interesting,” but it wasn’t the deep connection and energy I knew was there. I took Diane’s Melchizedek Method Levels 1 & 2 class which provided an unbelievable deep connection to my higher self and an amazing energetic connection to the higher energies. Diane is a fantastic instructor who knows the material well, and adds her own additional materials and guidance, resulting in a personal transformative experience. If you are looking for that deep energetic connection, to both yourself and the higher energies, I highly recommend this course!”

Marinna Rose - Dover, NH

“What a great class. I loved the energy all 4 days of the Melchizedek Method Levels 1 & 2 class, as well as spending time with some beautiful souls!! Diane has a beautiful gift of teaching. Thank you for sharing this with us.”

Beth - Portsmouth, NH

“I was initially reticent to take the Melchizedek Method class because I don’t consider myself a healer, but after a few of Diane’s Melchizedek healing sessions, I was hooked. Diane taught the class in a way that was wonderfully supportive of every participant; she delivered the content at a perfect pace, giving us ample time to chat about it, add our experiences, and learn from each other. I use the teachings from that class every day and hope to take the next level someday. It was a wonderful experience!”

Mike M. - Derry, NH

“I have learned the Melchizedek Method Levels 3 and 4 from Diane, and plan on continuing through Level 5 and teacher training. Her classes are always an amazing experience, and she is very supportive outside of class as well. I highly recommend Diane to any prospective or continuing Melchizedek Method student for her extensive knowledge and understanding of the Melchizedek Method as well as many other relevant topics. Diane adds an additional level of depth and color by integrating her own knowledge and experiences.”

Cynthia - Durham, NH

“The Melchizedek Method (MM) treatment I had with Diane was phenomenal. We began with healing intentions and crystal clearing. I felt a very strong connection to the MM. I was experiencing many visual symbols and colors during treatment. I could fee energy and heat in my pelvic area and also on my abdomen where Diane placed a healing hologram.

I have had shoulder and arm pain with overuse of my right hand. Diane had me turn over on my stomach and treated my upper back and shoulders. I felt all the tension leave in that area; a great release and letting go. My arms just dropped. It felt so calming. I definitely received a strong healing through Diane. I had my daughter come for the same treatment because I felt it was very calming yet powerful.

My arm has felt great all week since I received Diane’s treatment. She truly has a strong connection to the Universe which she is able to transfer to her clients.”

Jackie - Lee, NH

“Diane knows the Melchizedek Method subject matter extremely well and conveys her whole-hearted belief in this method with personal conviction and dedication to it. She also shows this in her wonderful calming and healing treatments, which she has given to me and my daughter. Diane creates an amazing  calming healing atmosphere  when working on her subjects as evidenced by receiving this wonderful energy myself, and also seeing the peacefullness in her clients faces and body language as she works on them. She has an amazing gift: the ability to convey this healing gentle, soulful energy that must be experienced first-hand!”

Amanda Murphy - Lee, NH

“I attended a Melchizedek Method Level 1 & 2 class with Diane Gallant. The course was intense and powerful, because we are constantly moving through energy and allowing new information to come through. Diane is truly an all love soul who takes pride in living her soul purpose every moment, of every day. As a teacher, she allowed details in heavy history and information areas to become clear in my mind with aha moments and descriptions that just clicked. I am very grateful to have had a teacher who is as down to Earth, yet connected with the stars, as Diane is.

As far as life after the completion of the workshop… it is heaven filled! I am constantly astounded by the way I have attracted anything I put within my orbital abundance hologram. Every day I notice something else that has fallen into my life at the most perfect time. Things I have forgotten I have asked to attract continue to pop up. Words just can’t depict this energy!

Overall the class has given hope in a world of polarity and heaviness that we are present in. I highly recommend this class with Diane to anyone who has desire to raise the amount of love for our planet and universe as a whole.”

Kimberly - Durham NH

“I took the Melchizedek Method Level 1 & 2 with Diane in the fall of 2014. I am a layperson (not in the healing profession) and this subject matter was totally foreign to me.  Diane’s class was well organized and clearly presented. The supplemental materials she creates contribute and add extra depth to MM materials. Also, her classes start and end on time!

Diane is  compassionate and patient; taking time to answer questions and ensure students understand the material, as well as checking often that everyone is well grounded and feeling okay as the day progresses.

I left the class with confidence and knowledge to practice on my own. I use the MM for personal healing and am amazed at the results. I also feel I am being transformed spiritually as I practice this system. I have incorporated the Abundance Meditation into a daily habit and it’s a superb tool. I am getting results.

As I continue on this journey, Diane is supportive through email when I encounter questions and responds in a timely fashion. She follows up in emails with additional information as it becomes available. I enjoy her passion and knowledge about the MM, and plan on taking additional classes with her as I find her to be an engaging, fun, organized, and an enthusiastic teacher!”

Dave Runnals - Dover, NH

“I had the pleasure of taking Reiki 1 and Melchizedek Method 1&2 classes taught by Diane Gallant. However, her help did not stop there. She has continued to help guide me on my energy healing journey and I will soon be taking Reiki 2 and Melchizedek Method 3 with her too. I am continuing my education with Diane because I really enjoy the way she teaches. When she teaches a class, she usually breaks it out into multiple days so that everyone has time to assimilate with the energy and ask questions the next class. This style really allows the pupil to relax and be at ease with all of the new information.  It is not only this extra day that makes the learning so much easier and more relaxing; it is because she is always there for her students whenever they need to talk things through. Diane has really helped me to trust and develop this connection that we all have to Source Energy. Prior to taking my first Reiki class I had been meditating most days for a couple years and this was the perfect next step for me. However, you do not need to be at a specific point in your practice to take Reiki. If you feel that it is right for you to take a particular energy class at a particular time, then it is the correct time to do so. I was a little hesitant to sign up for a Reiki class at first, but as soon as I talked to Diane, I could not wait to connect with and practice Reiki. Ever since I took my first class, I feel like my life has completely transformed. I am very blessed and have a great life, but connecting to this higher energy has changed all of the subtle ways things connect in my life. I can tell I am easier to interact with, I have fewer worries, things seem to fall in place for me with less effort each day and it feels like everyone I come into contact with is so friendly and only wants the best for me. I do not think the Universe has changed since I took my first energy class, but I do believe that these energy classes helped me change and reshape my perception of the Universe for the better. I am now more trusting and at peace with all the life experiences I have had and the ones I am yet to experience and I could not be more thankful for Diane’s help in finding my way.”

Professional References

Joan Ruggiero - Lawrence, MA

My name is Joan Ruggiero. From 1999-2003, I studied with Alton Kamadon, the originator of ‘The Melchizedek Method of Healing.’ I am certified through the Kamadon Academy in Australia to teach ‘The Melchizedek Method of Healing Teacher Training Program.’ Diane studied 5 levels of the Melchizedek Method Healing Program with me. Her ability to absorb and integrate all the knowledge of this program enabled her to take ‘The Melchizedek Method of Healing Teacher Training Program.’ She is now a certified Melchizedek Method Teacher. She has been very successful in teaching this program.

Diane is a very compassionate and caring teacher who deeply embraces the ageless wisdom of the Melchizedek Method. She is sincerely devoted to helping others in their spiritual growth and journey as they awaken to their life path and life purpose.

A key strength of Diane’s is that she maintains an organized and heart-centered approach while delivering clear organized lessons that are rich in details and anecdotes from her extensive reading and ongoing studies. As the classes unfold, she allows room for individual reflection while also encouraging group connectedness. She teaches students how to trust their healing abilities while connecting to Source/Universe when using the Melchizedek Method. And after the classes are over, Diane continues to make herself available to her students with additional support.

With her thorough understanding of the Melchizedek Method, Diane will provide enriching classes that will support your community in endless ways. Her compassion and Light will help to illuminate the hearts of her students, so that they in turn will bring their own Light out into the world as they embrace the healing work and service of the Melchizedek Method.

Elise Brenner, Executive Director - Arlington, MA

“Thank you for sharing your souls and lighting the souls of others with your deep, creative, honest, and profound insights and experiences into how we can all become more effective Reiki practitioners. It is truly this process of inquiry into our own selves and the work we do that brings us into a place of non-judgment and compassion with ourselves and others.
I could feel the audience reaching toward you and your words and the subtle power behind those words.

In short, you rocked!

On behalf of the entire Celebration of Reiki Conference Board and Committee, please accept and know how deeply grateful we are for this very important undertaking on your part.”

Cindy Mattingly, Healing Way Center - Salem, NH

Diane Marie has taught several Melchizedek Method workshops at Healing Way Center.  All the participants give her high ratings for her depth of knowledge and organization of material.  I always gain some type of new information about this incredibly vast body of work.  I look forward to each workshop!

Carla M. Bashaw, Program Coordinator, Massage Therapy, Great Bay Community College - Greenland, NH

Diane has been teaching Reiki Level I to the Massage Therapy students at the Great Bay Community College  since July 2014. Student feedback has been positive. They receive a thorough understanding of what Reiki is, what it does and how to incorporate Reiki treatments during a massage.

Diane is knowledgeable, professional, organized and prompt. She  offers continued support to the students after the class is over. I would highly recommend Diane for Reiki training in any professional environment.”

Lynne M Ward - Lebanon, ME

“I am writing in reference to Diane Gallant. I am the former owner of Soul Song Metaphysical Store in Dover, N.H. until December 30, 2014 when we closed.

We were fortunate to have Diane teach classes and found her to be very reliable and knowledgeable about the information she was teaching. She is very kind and compassionate.
I took a class with her and found her to be well-informed and able to convey the information clearly and effectively. Diane teaches from the heart and I would highly recommend her. Diane
is also very supportive after her classes and is available for questions or supportive type groups.”

Randy Lane - Lebanon, ME

I have nothing but praise and admiration for you. Your high points to me are professionalism, poise, and utmost dedication to the conveying of knowledge contained within your chosen modalities. I also watched your energy and aura glow brighter and brighter as you taught and practiced the Melchizedek Method. I also should mention that there was only one other person who worked at the store that was on par with the quality of your work. You share the number one spot!!! “

M. Wright - NH

“Diane’s gentle compassionate teaching style has rubbed off on me as a practitioner. I now offer Reiki energy healing in a hospital setting to patients recovering and who are at end of life. The complementary therapies coordinator observed my style with several patients and commented how it was more effective than nearly all of the other practitioners who offer Reiki treatments at the hospital. This compliment is to be shared with Diane as my Master Teacher.”

Diane is available for speaking arrangements