Visiting Star Island

My Journey

Throughout my life I have been driven by the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This passion is an integral aspect of my being.

I am a native to New Hampshire (NH), have been married for 30 years to a man from NH, have two grown children and a sweet Siamese cat named Jenna. I love nature, animals, gardening, art, photography, yoga, outdoor activities and recreational sports. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and worked at Exeter Hospital for several years. Prior to starting a family, I enjoyed a career in medical sales in Boston.

An important part of my life has been the exploration of spirituality, meditation and yoga. In 2007, I received my first Reiki training and attunement. Then something exciting happened: I experienced a profound energetic shift that was absorbed into my core-being. Since then, I have achieved Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui/Holy Fire II, and Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Teacher levels. I am also a certified Melchizedek Method Kamadon Master and Magnified Healing Master Teacher (Phase 1). Crystal clearing is another modality that I use and teach.

Through these experiences I have reawakened the aspect of myself that embraces humanity. I recognize and honor my innate ability to heal. I offer energy healing sessions both in person and distantly with equally positive results. In addition, I teach classes and generously share my attained knowledge (see testimonials).

My life’s journey has been defined: To help others heal and grow in all aspects of their lives. With a joyful heart and healing hands, I am grateful to heal, help and support.


Jenna with a shining heart chakra

A Personal Story

A large part of my spiritual journey included my beloved Yellow Labrador, Peaches. When she was four months old she was returned to the breeder. I had the pleasure of welcoming this very sweet, calm and angelic dog into my family life.

When Peaches was 6 months old, the neighbor’s dog came into the yard to play. As Peaches was ripping around the lawn in those tight fast circles that young dogs love to do, she suddenly yelped and ran over to me holding up a hind leg. In the following days I learned she had torn her ACL.

At that time, I was taking yoga classes from a lovely woman who often offered Reiki classes. I was aware of these classes but was not compelled to take them since I was raising a young family. Because Peaches was injured, I scheduled her to come to my home to flow Reiki to my sweet girl both before and after surgery. Two years later, I found myself calling my yoga instructor to Reiki several trees that were severely damaged by landscapers. I decided then to take her next Reiki class.

Reiki provided the initial spiritual opening that I had been seeking my entire life. It “lifted the veil” and brought Universal understanding into my life and opened my heart to God/Source energies. I have Peaches to thank for opening this doorway!

Peaches was there at the very beginning of my energy healing journey and at the end. It was her steady, calming presence that taught me to be present in the moment and to connect with Unconditional Love. She graced her presence in many energy healing classes that I taught over the years. She passed quickly at the age of twelve in 2013.

It is my greatest pleasure to provide healing sessions and classes to others with the sincere hope that they too may experience profound spiritually shifts in their lives. I am forever grateful for Peaches’s guiding spirit in this journey of spiritual awakening and service to humanity. May you rest in peace, dear one.

with Peaches on the back side of
Mount Major, Alton, NH