The Melchizedek Method (MM) is a vast healing system which connects to ancient wisdom that has been passed down through the ages. It is received through a series of meditations that activates the heart to pineal gland connection, and expands the Unconditional Love element that is our core being. It gradually breaks down old belief systems and programs allowing us to see the true Light of who we are. We are able to move to non-judgement of ourselves and others.

The MM will deepen your spiritual connection, provide you with a complete healing system, and connect you to Ascension energies in a very powerful way. It works with the Merkaba and Holographic Flower of Life healing.

This intensive four day certified course includes a manual, 11 pre-recorded CDs and handouts. You will be registered with the Kamadon Academy in Australia as a Melchizedek Method Healer after this course.

The Melchizedek Method greatly increases your healing abilities when working on both yourself and clients.

In MM Level 1 you are connected and activated with:

– Sacred Geometry

– Powerful Meditations creating the Merkaba field of Light around you

– The Flower of Life Triple Hologram of Unconditional Love

– The Natural Time Encoding of the 13:20:33 Frequency

– Ascended Master Thoth, Melchizedek and Metatron

– Accessing the Time Space Continuum

– The Pineal Gland through the Eye of Horus

– Eye-Seed-Egg Unity Consciousness

In MM Level 2 continues with:

– 33 Count clearing (includes chakras, past lives, current life and future)

– The Platinum Ray Frequency

– Egyptian Mystery School and the Vesica Pisces

– Activation of the Orbital Merkaba of Love with Chakra Orbits

– Orbital Kabbalah Meditation and Split Paradigm Healing

– Cosmic Wave Patterning connecting the pineal gland and heart to 5th Dimensional Reality

– Amplifying the 33rd Degree Energies of your Adam Kadmon Lightbody

– Opening your heart to the full cosmic vibration of Unconditional Love

– and so much more!

Material Deposit: $140 Due three weeks in advance.
Includes a registered 158 page manual with certificate and an 11 CD set with 32 meditations. Shipped from Australia.

Class Tuition: $555

Melchizedek Method students may repeat the class for $200.

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