I am an avid gardener and this time of year keeps me extra busy. The rain is a blessing indeed. It makes digging and transplanting plants all that much easier. It is so great to sit in the soil and work with plants. I always feel my best when I am outdoors. This time of year always feels like a race: “who is going to win…me or the plants?” So far, I am winning!

Continuing with my Belize adventure…

One thing I prioritized when in Belize was to go inside the caves on a subterranean river. My husband, Paul, and I did this in our free day. When we go inside caves we experience a communion with the Earth itself. To be on the water adds a transformational aspect to the experience. We were fortunate to have the cave to ourselves on the way out. We turned the light off and sat in silence as we slowly paddled out. It was so serene and felt sacred. The Mayans actively used this cave for ceremonies.

It is a magnificent world we live in. The cultures of past civilizations and current ones keep our imagination growing and challenge our belief system. There are endless amounts of knowledge and experiences we can benefit by. The most important thing is to take what we learn and shift from the mind to the heart. When we drop our experiences into our hearts they become integrated into our energetic bodies and transform into wisdom. They become our guide posts. We are able to have eyes like an eagle and see from a state of higher wisdom.

IMG_2386                       IMG_2389

Just for fun: Eagle Pose                                       Tree Pose, at Caracol Ruins

Many guided trips in Belize include a combination of staying at the mountains and the ocean. We did yoga on this amazing platform when we were at Robert’s Grove, Placentia.


Belize is magical because it is so undeveloped, the people are very kind and pleasant and a big plus for Americans is that they speak English! The coral reefs are lush and pristine. It is the closest union I have felt with the land in a long time. It was a very heightened experience with Mother Earth for me. I attribute this to the country itself and also because it is so undeveloped. Should you ever visit Belize, you will be glad that you did!

Namaste, Diane


Reiki Circle – Tues, May 10

Attend the Reiki Circle on Tuesday, May 10 from 6-8 PM at the Community Church of Durham,
17 Main St. Register in advance if possible. It is held with a pre-booked minimum attendance. You may check my Facebook page by 3 PM that day to see if the event will run.

Please register in advance to ensure the Reiki Circle will run.

Suggested donation: $10 for all who attend including Reiki practitioners.

Love and Light,

Top photo: Barton Creek Cave