Okuden Level 2 Class, Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho – 16 hrs

Are you ready to strengthen your connection to Reiki and to amplify its healing abilities? In the Okuden level, you will discover the deeper teachings of Reiki and connect with the inner heart of Reiki.

This two day class introduces:
the three diamonds/centers of Reiki
three healing symbols, including the “distant” symbol
the symbol mantras
chanting of the symbols (deepens embodiment of the symbols)
Japanese meditations to strengthen your connection to the symbol
additional Japanese techniques to support your Reiki practice
practicing distant healing
offering Reiki to the public

You will receive four individual Reiki attunements during class. These individual experiences allow you to go deeper and deeper into the inner heart of Reiki.

There is great value in teaching Reiki over two days. The extra day allows you to return with questions, have more practice time and strengthen your Reiki foundation.

I offer monthly Reiki Circles at the Community Church of Durham, NH which provides the opportunity to practice Reiki while serving the public. Reiki study groups are offered as well.

Class Cost: $250 (includes frameable certificate, two manuals and handouts)
Deposit: $75
Student and Senior Rate: $200
River of Light Student Refresher Rate: $100.
Other Reiki 2 Practitioner Refresher Rate: $150

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In the event you are unable to take the class, the deposit may be applied as a credit towards a future event.

Please contact me with questions:
diane@riverlighthealing.com or 603-396-4147