I am back from France. It is the land of the Mary Magdelene mystery, the mystery of sacred geometry alignment to many important sites, and a land that is vibrant and emoting tangible energy fields, particularly in the Languedoc and Ariège regions in Southern France. It is an activating land which connects you deeply with your life path and purpose. It is a place that supports one to “wake up.” I am still integrating all that I have received. Once this integration takes place, I will be ready for more spiritual alignment to come in!

A central theme to this year’s trip is “releasing what does not serve me.” It is in alignment with 2017 being a “one” year in numerology which represents new beginnings. As we purge, it creates a fresh slate for new beginnings. The astrology for this year, in combination with the US total solar eclipse, has been supporting change for all of us. I urge you to hold on to this awareness as we come to the conclusion of this year. Make the most out of this potent year, seeking deep personal and spiritual transformation. As we embrace transformation, we in turn have more seeds to spread out in the world. As these seeds are planted within ourselves and others, they will germinate and support growth. This is turn supports a leap in critical mass consciousness for all of humanity. It is a crucial time for growth on many levels. So shine your Light! Spread the Light! Be part of the global solution by elevating your vibration and having conscious awareness as you walk in your spiritual path!

With Abundance and Blessings,
Photo: In front of Tour Magda, Rennes-le-Chateau