Hiking season has begun and I have resumed climbing the New Hampshire mountain peaks as a way to stay fit and to do crystal grid word on the mountain peaks. I was gifted Arkansas quartz crystals that were charged inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. I hike with these crystals and follow my guidance as to were to leave them. I plant them as a gift to Mother Gaia (to facilitate Earth healing) and to facilitate the connection to the Christ Consciousness Grid (to bring Ascension energies and the rise of Universal Consciousness to mankind). I perform ceremony expressing positive intention and gratitude though prayer and song.

In this photo, I am about a mile in on the Piper Trail which summits Mount Chocoroa. What struck me was the lightening bolt shape that is on the tree bark. These past three years, I have been in a process of spiritual transformation which continues to accelerate on a daily basis. Since being encoded with Sacred Geometry and Flower of Life energy during my Melchizedek Method studies as a student, my lucid dreaming has amplified. I have received many installments as to how to work with Sacred Geometry to facilitate spiritual activation in my clients. I believe this is something that is available to all of us. As we embody Sacred Geometry and Light Codes, we become activated in profound ways. Our pineal gland begins to transmit, and we then receive Divine wisdom and guidance in a more direct way. This connection is anchored in both the heart and the earth. The Earth-link is very important; for the more we ground, the deeper we integrate what we receive. There are many, many layers of information and installments which I have received. I know this process of receiving will continue.

So why did I have my picture taken in front of this “lighten bolt?” Over the past three years, I have had three experiences where I felt a rush of energy shoot out of the top of my head carrying me to the height of NYC buildings. Then the energy and my consciousness slammed right back into my body within seconds. It happened when I was teaching a Reiki class three years ago; when I was leaving Rennes-Les-Bain, France last September; and two weeks ago when I was teaching a Reiki class. I was standing every time this happened. It is very shocking. It is like I was struck by lightening. Through synchronicity, I met a medical doctor who has experience in the spiritual arts. She told me that it is the kundalini experience, and I knew this to be true as soon as she told me! It is reassuring to understand what the experiences are. I have observed that my psychic and intuitive gifts are increasing, my healing work is amplifying, and the frequency of lucid dreaming is increasing. It also is supporting forward movement in my life.

I am so grateful to be on this spiritual path. It fills my Soul and my heart. My ascending sign is in Pisces in the 10th house (of spirituality). I have always gone very deep inside my thoughts. Even as a young girl of five years, I remember having this consciousness. I distinctly remember looking up into the night the sky, getting lost in deep questioning about the miracle of being born as I gazed at the Milky Way. It fills me with joy to teach, provide treatment sessions, and to contribute to building a spiritual family of like-minded souls to share this earthly journey with. My life is deeply guided and blessed, and I am forever grateful to all the wonderful experiences and people who have come into my life to support this growth. I express deep gratitude for my students and clients, because you too are counted among my greatest riches.

With Love, Light and Ascension,