Note to the Reader: This blog is focused on the growth aspects behind emotional and mental aspects of suffering. It is not directly related to loss of loved ones. However, loss of loved ones does provide the opportunity for growth through grief, etc. I send deep compassion to those who have lost loved ones to COVID and other conditionsfreedom follows suffering.

This morning while in meditation, I imagined walking along a beach, then turning towards the dunes and running. In my mind’s eye I envisioned running up and down gently undulating hills. As my vision broadened, I sensed the warm wind gently blowing past me, the warm sun shining down on me and saw beach grasses softly moving in the breeze. With this vision came a strong sense of peace, followed by feelings of freedom. I felt deeply nurtured and experienced heart expansion as I connect with my wholeness, my Inner Self, my Inner Realm. No thoughts or messages came to me. My mind was blank. As I witnessed this, I became aware of the ‘silence of being’. This was a message! It was a reminder to keep my focus on the present moment because this is where I will experience peace of mind and heart.

The significance of connecting with the ‘freedom of the moment’ is an important one. It is where the Key to Joy resides. The Now is the space that adds longevity to life. For when we are truly present, there is no time. Being connected in the moment creates a timelessness which expands our life. We no longer squander precious moments by ruminating in the past or chasing the future.

Freedom is the equivalent of joy for me. Joy is my primary focus. I have learned to prioritize my self care.

As my meditation continued, flashes of past deep hurt and pain entered my energy field. Like everyone, I also have endured emotional pain. Alongside with it came very important life lessons.

As I moved through the pain, it brought profound growth. I learned how to leave the martyr/victim realm and shift into the Self-empowering and creative realm. I understand the value of rooting into the earth, into The Mother to anchor and support me. I continue to rely on my Internal Wisdom, and no longer chase answers outside of Self. I trust myself. This is a huge metamorphosis for me. It is a huge victory.

I endured relationships that did not serve me for a great deal of my life. I have overcome emotional abuse. I acknowledge the unfairness that came my way, and I own my part in creating/inviting some of it. Most importantly, I have learned to love myself in a new way. I now choose to empower myself with discretion and fortified boundaries, listening deeply to my intuition, my Inner Knowing, my Internal Divinity.

Through suffering there is an opportunity to achieve freedom. I have walked this walk. It is a powerful journey.

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