Continuing with my Belize adventures…

Prior to my trip I reflected on “what is in Belize for me?” One pressing goal was to go into the subterranean rivers where the Mayans had ceremonies. It was shared with me that when we physically go inside Mother Earth we receive her grounding and supportive energies. Water is symbolic of purification and transformation. Water teaches us to yield and “go-with-the-flow.” This is a powerful combination to connect with: earth and water. I carried this knowledge and possibility within me throughout my Belize adventures.

On our first day we hiked to an isolated waterfall, Butterfly Falls. The color of the water looked like chalcedony blue, a beautiful shade of milky white-blue. As I swam in the waters it felt baptismal – that an opportunity for rebirth existed. I completely submerged myself in the water three times connecting with the sacredness of the number three (a triune which represents creation). I opened my eyes under water and become one with the beautiful opaque blue water. It was very cold and uncomfortable, yet invigorating. As I swam to the pool edges, I allowed myself to receive water on my crown. It was a very personal experience and a physically uncomfortable one as well. When I left the pool my ears ached  for hours from submerging my head. I embraced the uncomfortableness realizing it is part of the transformational process. It was a very symbolic adventure for me.

butterfly falls

Butterfly Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge Forest

The following day we visited Caracol Mayan ruins which is a magnificent Mayan city. There are several major sites on the property. It is breathtakingly beautiful and very well preserved. Of particular importance to me were the astrological buildings. As I sat on the top of one of the ruins looking down over the courtyard, I could feel the strength of the ancient ones looking down over this area towards the people. I actually felt like I was looking through the eyes of “one who had lived before.” I felt complete self-empowerment, like a peaceful warrior. At one point I was going to leave to climb another structure but energetically the pull was so strong to stay, so I listened. I was transfixed and spent the last minutes at this location. I felt like “listening” was another personal growth aspect to fold into my life.

Caracol Astrology buildings

Caracol Mayan Ruins, Astrological Area, Cayo District

Sitting on top of Astrology building

You can see me sitting at the top of the Astronomy building.
Photo credit Michael Penney.

From here we proceeded to the last area. There were Howler monkeys in the trees. We got to hear them “howl” and saw a mother with a baby on the back. There were about five monkeys in this troop.

Howler Monkeys

Howler monkeys. Photo credit Michael Penney.

I chose a location that felt powerful to me and led our group in an Earth meditation. One of the ladies shared this story with me at the end of the day. As I was leading the guided meditation, the monkeys moved from across the area and silently moved through the trees and lined up in the woods behind me. More and more monkeys appeared from the forest. There were around 20 monkeys gathered. When the meditation was over they quietly went back into the forest. I find this so exciting. It leaves me wondering was it the change in activity that drew the monkey’s curiosity or were they attracted to the energy? I had no idea that this had taken place! I was happy that someone told me about this, because I would never have known this occurred.

Leading an Earth Meditation

Leading the Earth meditation. Photo credit Michael Penney.

Here is a video clip of a Howler monkey. It appeared that a male had just chased off an adolescent male.

As you can hear, they are not quiet animals!

I will continue with my experiences in the next newsletter.

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Have a wonderful week. Happy spring to you! It is here for good now!