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I am back from France

I am back from France. It is the land of the Mary Magdelene mystery, the mystery of sacred geometry alignment to many important sites, and a land that is vibrant and emoting tangible energy fields, particularly in the Languedoc and Ariège regions in Southern France. It is an activating land which connects you deeply with [...]

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

  Tomorrow beginning at 1:27 PM the total eclipse of the sun begins in New Hampshire. It peaks at 2:44 PM and ends at 3:57 PM. The New Moon (which is more potent than a full moon) passes between the earth and sun to cause the eclipse. On top of this, Mercury retrograde began on [...]

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Hiking Season

Hiking season has begun and I have resumed climbing the New Hampshire mountain peaks as a way to stay fit and to do crystal grid word on the mountain peaks. I was gifted Arkansas quartz crystals that were charged inside the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. I hike with these crystals [...]

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Wise Woman

I am taking a webinar course by Jean Shinoda Bolen, Goddesses With You (After 50), and she speaks of how we have three acts in life: the Maiden (youth), the Mother (when we are busy developing careers, raising children taking care of needs outside of our own), and the Wise Women/Crone years (post-menopausal). When we [...]

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Our Focus

As I prepare to open my spiritual practice in Dover with my partner, I share this video with Tina Turner. Her words are a beautiful summation of what River of Light's focus is: It is to create a spiritual community where we are equals, teaching each other along this Soul path, to embrace unity [...]

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As I age, I am realize "it ain't over yet." I have been inspired to see people senior to me achieve sustaining goals after 50 years of age. I've been observing this since I was in my 30s. As I move towards my passion of moving deeper in a spiritual life and developing a business [...]

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A 30 Day Inspiration for 2017

Today a friend introduced me to Mike Dooley's inspirational page, www.tut.com. For 13 years he has been sending daily emails to inspire people to live their dreams. We are moving into a creative year in numerology, 2017. It adds up to 10 and reduces to 1; and 1 signals new beginnings. We all welcome a fresh beginning!When you sign [...]

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