About The Logo

This logo embodies the healing modalities that I works with. The lotus symbolizes purity of the mind and spirit. Like the lotus, we rise from murkiness to emerge into the light. When we bloom, we are enlightened and experience increased self-awareness. Through this rebirth we move forward in life, experiencing realization of life path and life purpose. The infinity symbol represents limitless possibilities. Two separate circles join, having no beginning or end. The outer circles reflects balanced polarity and the intersecting point symbolizes stillness of mind. The blue water represents going with the flow, transformation and purification. The yellow teardrop shapes in the outer ring represent the pineal gland. The pineal gland is associated with our third eye, or sixth chakra. When activated it increases our intuition, self-awareness and psychic abilities. It acts as a link between the physical and spiritual world, connecting us to high-dimensional Ascension energies. The forms are moving clockwise, which express bringing healing energies into the body, mind and spirit. The yellow represents the white-golden Light of God/Creator’s perfect love. The green background expresses healing, balance and harmony that is received during energy healing treatments. The white beams coming out of the lotus show the radiant connection to the Divine. Love is both sent and received, connecting and uniting in Oneness.