Today a friend introduced me to Mike Dooley’s inspirational page, For 13 years he has been sending daily emails to inspire people to live their dreams. We are moving into a creative year in numerology, 2017. It adds up to 10 and reduces to 1; and 1 signals new beginnings. We all welcome a fresh beginning!

When you sign up for Mike’s daily inspiration, there is a sign up for a 30 day project to support your dreams. Click here to sign up. Starting January 1st, he will send a 10 minute assignment to support new beginnings. Purchase a separate journal or composition to record your thoughts. I am looking forward to participating, and with pleasure pass this opportunity along to you. Please reach out and share your success stories, for we support each other in Love and Light.
I wish you an abundance new year filled with endless joy and peace.
Namaste,the tut oath