River of Light Energy Healing

for the body, mind and spirit

River of Light Mission Statement

To create a spiritual community where we are equals, teaching each other along this Soul path to embrace unity in our lives. Unity with the understanding that we are all One; that we are different parts within one world family – all learning, growing and striving to become the best that we can for ourselves and others.

The journey at River of Light is the one made inside of you. The focus is to hear, receive and invite the Beyond into our lives. We learn what it is to be present in the moment, in the now, and to be grateful. We learn to connect with Love and to trust, heal, renew, inspire and empower as we move closer to God. We learn how to grow into the true expression of ourselves, to be the best that we can be, as we develop compassion for ourselves, for others and shine the Great Bright Light that emanates from within.

We welcome you on your journey of self-realization and discovery, and into our spiritual community at River of Light, Lee, NH.

About Diane

Throughout my entire life I have been aware of the Universal support that sounds us. As a very young girl I would gaze up into the night sky and deeply fall into the contemplation of the mysteries of life. As I grew, I came to understand that I am an empath: one who has the innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive other’s energies. Growing up as a highly sensitive person was challenging because it was easy to be affected by other people’s energies.

These sensitivities led me to a life of spirituality. My growth as always been outside of traditional settings. I first became attuned/connected with Reiki in 2007 which created the energetic spiritual connection that I was seeking. The veil was lifted. Since then I have become a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher in four Reiki lineages including Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®, Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho and Usui Shiki Ryoho (Takata). I was then guided by Melchizedek to explore Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life and Ascension energies. I pursued The Melchizedek Method® which exponentially expanded my life. I am a Certified Kamadon Academy Melchizedek Master/Teacher Facilitator and also Magnified Healing® Phase One Master/Teacher.

In my healing sessions, I work with all the energies I have incorporated. You are connected universally to “All That Is” with the support of Ascended Masters,  the Divine Feminine and Starseed/Lightbody energies. Sacred Geometry is at the foundation of my healing work. Healing energies cascade down around you as an energetic offering. It is always the client’s own body that accepts and does the healing. I am there as a facilitator to create a sacred space and healing chamber for you to receive the healing energy on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Greater clarity and self-awareness is received as you shed old thought patterns that no longer serve you. I support you with spiritual guidance and tools that assist you with making positive changes in your life.

All energy healing sessions are offered distantly via Zoom or another similar platform. Classes and workshops are offered via Zoom as well. Remote healing sessions and classes have equally positive results as those previously conducted in person.

My life’s journey has been defined: To help others heal and grow in all aspects of their lives, with the sincere hope that they may experience profound spiritual shifts in their lives. With a joyful heart and healing hands, I am grateful to heal, help and support.