Are you looking to live a more empowered and connected life?

Are you longing to walk in radical heart-led purpose and authentic fulfillment?

Are you ready to welcome spending less time worrying and more time having fun?

Congratulations! You are in the right place!

“Diane’s sessions are nourishing and invaluable. I am very fortunate to have her heartfelt expertise to empower me and my goals. She helped me to hit the ground running.”

Eileen – Lee, NH 

Imagine a world where you wake up every morning feeling energized and inspired. You spend quality time with your family and friends, following your passion and enjoying the day, without feeling depleted.

I’m here to tell you this future is absolutely possible…..And it can begin today!

Here’s why I know this to be true!

As far back as I can remember, I used to prioritize everyone else at the expense of myself. I felt exhausted and unfilled. I reached a place where it felt like rock bottom, and I knew I needed to shift how I showed up in the world. I was craving an authentic way to find my deeper connection and core essence.

I used to live a life where life directed me. Now I live a life that I direct – for the first time ever! I learned that navigating life alone was not a ‘have to’ – and I could choose differently.

So, I did!

I now look within myself for answers. I prioritize what is right for me. I have relationships with an empowered, like-minded community, and I live my passion every day.

When you work with me:

You will transform your life through self-mastery! 

Diane’s coaching and healing work have taught me to run my life rather than letting life run me. It has changed my behavior and allowed me to live more fully.” 

Kim – Portland, ME

Hi, I’m Diane Marie Gallant

Your transformational guide to Self-Mastery! It’s no mistake that you found your way here, because stepping into your own Self-Mastery is at the center of my healing work.

My Superpower is guiding you to your most empowered action that is in deep alignment with your core essence, so that you can stand tall in your authenticity. When you are in alignment with your True-Self, your inner suffering naturally reduces, creativity increases, and you thrive in life.

This is the heart of Self-Mastery, and is the secret that brings you into Soul Alignment!

I work with your whole self, not just the physical. My healing gifts are innate and intuitive, and I facilitate deep healing by addressing core issues.

Energetic blocks and old stuck patterns are a thing of the past. Using integrated Neuroscience based tools, rose code frequencies and intuitive wisdom, transformation at a level of Mastery is guaranteed!

Through extensive training as a Reiki & Melchizedek Method Master-Teacher, an Intuitive Life Coach, and End-Of Life Doula Specialist;

Diane helps clients to:

  • Identify their pain body and hidden shadow aspects
  • Connect deeply with their Soul center, their authentic Core Self
  • Raise their vibration to attract and magnetize abundance into their life
  • Balance their elemental bodies, and embody feminine and masculine sacred union
  • Live a fulfilled life, experience joy, and thrive!

So that they can experience:

  • Freedom from self-sabotage
  • Brilliant clarity and balance in life
  • Cleared emotional and energetic blocks
  • Confidence to navigate and direct their unique life
  • Creativity to live the life of their dreams!

“Diane identified a pattern in my marriage that was causing friction… and changed it with ease! Working with her has helped me in my career and relationship with my kids. I always enjoy working with Diane, whose insights, compassion, and practicality I know I can rely on.” 

Beth – Portsmouth, NH

My work is deep, and I welcome both seekers and awakened Souls.

If your light is a bit dim, I will help you to shine brighter! If you are holding yourself back or wavering, I will support you to walk down an empowered path. If you prioritize others above yourself, I will guide you to place your needs first. If you are in doubt or confusion, I will show you how to tap into your own inner wisdom.

When we are done – you will be grounded and purposeful. That’s my promise!

We are a good match if:

You have a heart-yearning to step into your Soul Purpose and you are ready to show up with your whole self, and to feel complete and empowered.

Here’s How Your Life will Change!

  • You’ll find yourself with a greater capacity of love
  • You’ll learn to communicate your needs with vulnerability and trust
  • You’ll experience more authenticity, peace and joy
  • Your relationships will transform on all levels
  • You’ll fall in love with your daily habits – so that success will be your vibration, each and every day!

My style is one of compassion and strength, as I support you with complete acceptance and safety. You’ll always be able to remove your mask and deepen your healing process through energetic alchemy.

“Diane is a very skilled and insightful healer. She is able to access the angelic and higher spiritual realms to provide a deep and transformational healing experience. Her gentle nature and a big heart makes you feel so supported during your healing journey. She provided very useful insights that has allowed me to feel like I am on the right path and that healing on many levels is possible.”

Allison – Barcelona, Spain


Outdoor Classroom and Retreat Center Lee, NH. Classes, workshops and spiritually minded retreats are offered at this serene riverside setting. Please contact Diane directly with inquiries.